New Series: Monthly LN Updates

Since I don’t hear about novels that have been licensed and when they come out, I’ll be visiting Barnes and Noble monthly and taking note of what LN’s and maybe some mangas that I enjoy reading have a new volume released and sharing the info as they tend to be forgotten when they start publishing in English.

October 2016

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Regarding Forgotten Novels – Current Progress

So the other day I was at Barnes and Nobles checking out what’s new, when I saw something that blew my mind. So, I wanted to give a status update on some novels that have been licensed and have finally been published.



I was checking out the new additions when to my astonishment I saw the first volume of Overlord on sale. I was surprised that it was a hard cover, but I also though it was appropriate. It’s quite well done, the artwork is stupendous, I loved the folded color page that has the main cast on the front and the layout of the tomb on the back. The only thing I was disappointed about was the way they portrayed Cocytus. In the end he just speaks in all caps, I feel that the way skythewoods portrayed him way more unique and interesting. I worry for when Victim appears in volume 4, the way skythewoods portrayed his speech was very funny and endearing, I loved it. The next volume comes in September.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei


Another surprise was when I saw this baby on the shelf. Back when Mahouka was first taken down, I heard that the book was scheduled for October 2015. However, when the time came, all I could find was the manga. It wasn’t till recently I found the LN. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll put my thoughts up later. The next volume comes next month, while the 3rd comes in December.

No Game No Life


So at the moment No Game No Life is up to volume 4. Those of you who kept up with it before it was taken down should have gotten up to volume 6. I still haven’t read these, I need to catch up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read up to vol 6, but I have yet to read the ones I’ve bought. Volume 5 comes in October and the sixth in January, so we probably won’t get real new stuff till around April. Hype for the movie!

To Aru Majutsu no Index


So Index is actually up to volume 7 already, but I didn’t see it at the store so I didn’t get them unfortunately. Another I need to make time for. Volumes 8, 9, and 10 are coming soon, in August, November, and Febuary 2017 respectively.



This one I have read. Really well done, almost exact to the fan translations. I was surprised to how well the anime followed volume 5, though they did skip some good parts from the LN, and I was disappointed how they portrayed Freya in the anime. Anyways, back to the LN, this next month comes volume 6, the first volume that wasn’t translated at all. Luckily I saved enough money to buy this volume when it comes out, I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Volume 7 comes in December.

Sword Art Online


Now, I know many people don’t like SAO. That’s fine. However, if you did like the first two volumes, when they were actually fighting for their lives and Asuna was our bad*ss heroine, please read the next section, there’s something good. I now talk to those who so like SAO. Ahem. So SAO has caught up to the 7th volume, with the 8th coming next month and the ninth in December. It’s quite good, I really love the parts that the anime didn’t cover, it makes reading these worth it.

Sword Art Online: Progressive


Now, to be honest, in my opinion, SAO lost it’s glamour after volume 2. It was that plot of being in a VR world where you actually die that made SAO so awesome. That ‘fake’ death that permeates the following volumes, to me, is boring. Plus, making a great strongĀ  character like Asuna into a damsel in distress just ruined it for me. I really wished that Kawahara had, instead of skipping two years, just gone and told of what happened between volumes 1 and 2. And that’s where Progressive comes in. This is basically those two years of empty time revealed. Of course, Asuna isn’t as strong, but we need to remember that she was a noob when the SAO event started. Though Kirito is still OP, it’s great to see how Asuna grows and to see the plot that is the actual game; it’s no longer just a background note, we now get to see what story SAO, the game they are trapped in, actually contains. If you enjoyed the original SAO arc of the novel, I highly recommend that you give this a try, this is how Kawahara should of done it.

The Rising of the Shield Hero


Now this was the biggest surprise of the day. I had absolutely no idea that they had actually licensed and published the LN. A great story, if you want to read the WN, visit Yoraikun Translations, Yoraikun and several others put a lot of work to translate the WN, it’s a great read and is only a bit different from the LN. Volume 5 is currently available, and volume 6 comes in November. I eagerly await Atlas’s arrival, guhehehe.


For those in America, I know you can purchase these from Barnes and Noble, as for others I’m not too sure. If you want a good deal, you can try Ebay or Amazon, but it’s up to your luck. Just be sure to watch out for shipping and handling, that’s where they get you. Luckily B&N has free shipping, and since I’m a member I get a small discount on my purchases.

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Poll Closed

The votes have been tallied and will be sent to BakaPervert. Ready yourselves for the results.

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